Coempaken 12.5|500

Coempaken 12.5|500, Empagliflozin 12.5mg\ Metformin HCI 500mg


Coempaken- Empagliflozin/ Metformin • The use of fixed dose combination formulations improves patient adherence to treatment by simplifying complex treatment regimens. • Coempaken is a fixed dose, single-pill combination of empagliflozin/metformin available in several dose combinations • Coempaken simplifies therapy and potentially improves clinical outcomes compared with coadministration of individual tablets • Coempaken presents a useful treatment option for patients with T2DM who are inadequately controlled with metformin and need to progress to dual therapy • Coempaken is suitable for patients who would benefit from the additional benefits of renal, Cv risk and weight reduction, as well as individuals with risk factors for CVD or declining renal function.Coempaken- Dosage • Depends on; • Glycemic control requirement • Metformin dosage (if patient on metformin) • Empaken dosage (if patient is on Empaken) • Depending on selected strength 1 tablet BID

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